Ride of Silence




Time is marching away from us as we approach the 10th anniversary of The Ride Of Silence.
While organizers and ride directors "might think " they have 17 weeks before the big ride, NOW is the time to get some weight behind it.
Below are four web sites you'll want to use.
This is to contact your state's U.S. representatives. http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/
This is to contact your state's U.S. senators.
This is to contact your state's governor. http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Governors.shtml
(I don't have a web site to list all the "state" representatives or senators.)
Use these addresses to write your senator, representative, governor, and/or mayor with the following sample letter that you may amend to fit you.
Governor's Proclamation Request 2013
I am writing about THE RIDE OF SILENCE, a non-profit bike ride run by volunteers, and without a budget. The ride takes place on one day, at one time (7 PM). I/we are requesting (office holder; example "Governor Perry") make a proclamation that May 15, 2013 be "Ride Of Silence Day" in (your state's name, example: Texas).
The ride (www.rideofsilence.org) will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this May when it started in Dallas, TX. It is now world-wide with 320 locations.
Dallas Mayo Laura Miller has issued City of Dallas Proclamations making it Ride Of Silence Day in Dallas in years past. Mayor Rawlings is expected to do so again this year.
The state will host approximately 20 locations (www.rideofsilence.org) on that day.
I also invite you to take part in the ride.
 Thank you.
(Your name), (City where your ride takes place) Ride Of Silence organizer or director (chose only one)
(Your address)
These are busy people, and we're not the only one contacting them. Now is the time to contact these people to get your proclamation in time. Send them this note these next couple of weeks. Please. For the rest of us who ride.

Thank you!
Chris Phelan, Founder
The Ride Of Silence
On Twitter: @RideofSilence
Wednesday, May 15, 2013, 7 PM
We all ride. Now we can ride as one.
One day. One time. One world, world-wide.
Let the silence roar.

The 2012 Ride Of Silence
319 locations world wide
50 U.S. states
20 Countries
6 continents
0 words spoken
A million powerful memories.