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May 6: Housekeeping - Three Things

We have a problem on Facebook.
There are evidently many Ride Of Silence page, but without a location attached to the title. I’m told there is a glut of these out there.

If you put up a page, add a hyphen and include your town/city/location you’re riding in. Here are some examples: “Ride Of Silence – Carbondale,” “Ride Of Silence-Fitchburg,” “Ride Of Silence – Garland.”
There should be only one Ride Of Silence without a location, and that would be the main organizers page.
Can you add your location before this year’s ride?

something to be aware of...
The Ride of Silence in Winston-Salem, NC will not be taking place this year.
According to last year’s organizer, Bruce Hermann, “I’m afraid it is out for this year. Last year I funded and organized the event myself. Despite hiring WSPD officers, publicizing through the local bike shops, cycling clubs, schools, churches, media,… I only got a handful of riders. I even got letters of support for our elected representatives and a Ride of Silence Declaration read at the start of the ride by our Mayor. If the ride can be embraced by the local club or the MS ride, both of which have hundreds of riders, then it can turn into a successful event.”
As one of the board members said, “Pretty sad situation there. Hard to imagine why there's such little support in some cities.”
At least part of the answer might lie in today’s RofS blog, written above, “Who is Them in ‘US vs. Them?’”
It’s not a good thing that one of our own doesn’t see the need for a collective voice that coalesces cyclists for what is a legal right.
Concerning Winston-Salem only attracting “a handful of riders,” it should be pointed out, that there are many locations where only a few riders collect before riding off in unison with the rest of us. Every location doesn’t have to be a mega ride. We would all prefer 10 ride locations of 10 people, than one of 100, because there would be more visibility in the 10 locations.
IF there is any way to salvage the location in Winston-Salem, IF any of you know a cyclist there who is able to be point person for the ride, please contact him or her ASAP, and let’s get that location back on the map. Meanwhile, be safe and ride on.
Thank you.

Believe or not, you still have time to order a Ride Of Silence shirt. When I asked if I should tell people they can still get one, I was given a resounding, “Yes! I have tees in all sizes and dri fit in small and medium. If they have any questions please have them call my shop at 972-527-6263.” You can still order!

13 days to go.


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