Ride of Silence



Crooked Tan Lines - Ride Across America


1. Thank you’s
If all goes well, this will end the same way it starts..with thank you’s.


Janalou: wife, friend, life partner; "Particular and Peculiar!" "Eat and Run!" Cool.

Mom and dad: memories...

Lance Shelton: the man who put a date behind the idea

Mike Stieglitz: always my coach, mentor, and friend

Bob Rubey: officially introduced me to proper cycling while rooming together at SIU

Dave Morgan, Darren & Rebecca Durrett, and Young Life; great people for a great cause!

Duct Tape People (Dr. Randy, Dr. Dr. Himmelsehr, Dr. Palacios, Dr. Sherman, Logan Sherman, John Sutherland, Darci West): those attempt to keep me from falling apart, but when I do, put me back together…physically and psychologically.

RBM: Jim Hoyt, Woody Smith, Jack G, Joe Howard, etc, etc.

Mike Keel: a voice in the wilderness of Dallas

The Core: Michael Montgomery, Tracy Cleveland, Michael Smith, Mike Gibson, Khai Harbut, Jamie Shaw, Joseph Murphy, Art Fairchild

Team Z: Terry Zielger, Victoria Piper, Chris Hughes, Jane Zeigler, and company

TNT-Tuesday Night Track: runners all, triathletes some, but all of open hearts

Builders (McEvily's, Eggert's, Balch's, Weaver's, Fletcher's, Ronan's, etc, etc,...and the back row!)

The support of those who believed and stuck by me… I’m sorry for those who chose not to.

AND OF COURSE…The Ride Of Silence. Those who keep it together (Tim Potter, Elizabeth Adamcyzk, Benoit Valin, J. Steve, Mark Hagar, and every local director around the planet!) and the thousands who have lost their lives legally sharing the road with the motorist that killed.