Ride of Silence




Have you called the police?

Really, have you called and invited the local police departments in your area to take part in The Ride Of Silence?

Most two-wheeled divisions are thrilled to be asked and take part in such rides. It gives them exposure, AND…it gives the ride credibility and a certain level of assurance. Plus, it’s more people on bikes for your ride.

The print and TV media especially like capturing officers on bikes. Again, it works both ways: both get exposure.

Consider calling the cops. I think you’ll be surprised when they say “yes.”

It should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway…
This is the time to contact the media (TV and newspapers, local and national) to bring attention to your ride. Type in the station into your search engine and get to the station’s web site. Then go to “contact us.” Be sure to give them the following:

World-wide, one day, one time
Date, time, location of your ride
The R of S web site to cross reference your ride
Purpose of the ride
Your name and contact information

They may or may not get in touch. You never know. But at least you’ll be prepared.

Less than a week to go!

(The above picture was taken in 2004, the second year for the Dallas Ride Of Silence. Two-thousand cyclists attended. It was the first year the ride went beyond Dallas. Fifty locations from Hawaii to Montreal took part that year. As nothing was planned for an ending, what you see above was the first time the cyclists lined up, forming a hallway of bikes on their own, and waited for the last cyclist to finish. It was EXTREMELY touching.)

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