Ride of Silence



Final Notes for the Big 2014 Event

May 12, 2014

As we all make our final preparations for the 2014 event we have just a few final announcements to make.

Tragic Passing of One of Our RoS Organizers

We've recently - sadly been informed by our Danbury CT USA Ride of Silence organizer, that former Ride of Silence organizer Thomas Steinhert-Threlkeld of Weston CT was killed last Oct. while cycling, the 1st known death by a motorist of an RofS organizer. Thomas had previously organized a RofS in Weston, Farifield & Westport CT, from 2007 thru 2012. The Danbury CT RofS will pay a special tribute to Tom this year. The RoS board requests that all event organizers recognize Tom for his efforts over the years to remember and honor others and to raise awareness of all our rights to ride safely on our roads around the world. Watch for more posts on the RofS Facebbook pg. and website for more tributes to Tom. 

All But One - Calling Bicyclists in N. Dakota!

All of the states in the USA have at least one registered event BUT N. Dakota.  If any of you know of someone in N. Dakota who is willing to help organize a basic event please encourage them to do so.  You know the drill; our registration form is very quick and easy and an event can be as simple as riding with a few friends in silence in someone's memory instead of the usual chit-chat of a Wed. evening ride.  Many thanks. 

Tweet Basic Info About Your Event

At some point on May 21 (or May 24th if you're in the S. Hemisphere) please Tweet some basic info., like how many riders you've got, who you're riding for, etc.  Please use the hashtag #RideofSilence 
Ask someone who's not riding to do this please!
Check out what's being Tweeted now about #RideofSilence here.

Reflective Ride of Silence Stickers Available - Be SEEN and Be SAFE after dark
To purchase, please visit this store and get yours ordered NOW so they arrive in time for this year's event.  If you have any questions, email: elizabeth [ at ] rideofsilence.org  All proceeds go to support our RoS efforts.  Note:  The new RoS jerseys can still be ordered (w/ 15% of jersey proceeds donated to RoS organization) but unfortunately can't be delivered in time for the event.

Thank you all for your hard work in standing up for the memories and rights of your fellow bicyclists in your communities. 

All the best next week!

Tim Potter
on behalf of Chris Phelan & the Ride of Silence Board & Advisors