Ride of Silence



Crooked Tan Lines: July 6, 2013, Saturday, 7am, Everett, WA

Home. This is the longest period in the past few days or for the next four weeks, I will have been in the same place for more than one night. Two over nights. Whew! I got a chance to unpack…a bit.

Washington state is interesting. If southeast Utah is a giant box of kitty litter, and Oregon is dramatically rolling farm land, Washington is also defined by its mountains. It’s the mountains that set its weather pattern and economy, and the attitudes of its people.

In each of my past visits to Seattle, I’ve found a great number of similarities to Boston, the place of my heritage. From weather pattern, house architecture, land geology, the ocean port…yup, it’s like being back in the northeast. Only the sun is setting over there! What’s up with that? Hmmmm.

We over nighted in Caldwell, OR, on Thursday night, unable to stay up for the fireworks. Heck, we nearly didn’t even make the sunset which was 9:45 local! I remember hearing the pops of the grand finale just before slipping off to dream land.

This morning, scratchy throat, congestion. No sniffles yet. …Drag!