Ride of Silence



Crooked Tan Lines: July 13, 2013, Thompson Falls, MT, to Missoula, MT

Yes, you’re right. I had a rough start.

These types of cycling events are hard trying to get the body to adjust to the work load. There is no way one can prepare for 800-1000 miles per week, except by doing it. This is why the first week is critical, to allow the body to adapt.

I had some additional issues going on (sick, financial, communication) that added to the overall problem.
Today is Day 8. This should mark a turning point as we head toward Butte, MT.

The open terrain humbles all of us. It makes us all feel smaller than previously. There is the realization that all of this, in fact the entire earth, would carry on just fine (and probably a good deal better) without us. We are the only living organism that go extinct and not be a problem for the balance of live on earth. That’s ironic because we are the only living organism not in danger of becoming extinct, given our ability to adapt and extend life our lives. I say ironic because we are also the only living organism that is causing other organisms to become extinct.

Man searches his world for his gods, demons, and himself. It is himself that he ultimately finds as both his opponent and his best friend. It is himself that will both chain him to ideals that are either impossible or of fantasy, or free and encourage him to reach his potential in all things.

Man searches the earth over closeness. Some use drugs, alcohol, or money, running themselves into the ground, swimming to point of near exhaustion, or riding their butts off. Searching for God, the meaning of life, to exercise demons from a parent or lover, to make up for some short coming they think can't overcome any other way. They punish themselves from coast to coast and from here to the moon, only to find themselves staring at themselves. "It was me all along," the answer is found.

Forest Gump stopped in the middle of Monument Valley on his run across the country and announced, "I'm done now. I'm going home." I understand his sentiment completely. Only, obviously, I haven't beaten myself up enough yet.

Today was scenic, bordering on an Indian reservation. Thankfully there's a sign post that I stopped to read that explained how we screwed over these indigenous people. Cool t-shirt I saw once "Indians. Fighting terrorism since 1870." Very cool, I thought.

I'm working on my tan lines. :) ...I REALLY need a butt massage, however!!!! MAN! I ache!

Every turn, every straight way, every rise and fall of the road, music comes down from the mountains.

Today we rode through a town named Hope. The next down along the river we were following was Beyond Hope. Cool. Beyond that the next town's name struck me funny. Puckett. So, you have hope, beyond hope, and puck it! :) (My odd sense of humor.)

Two years ago, I was injured two weeks before starting this ride. I told people at the time the dream of this ride was delayed, but not denied.  …I’m here and still standing.

Riding my butt off!