Ride of Silence



2012 Directors, thank you!

Thank you, ride organizers.

It was another successful year for The Ride Of Silence because of your passion and dedication to the memory of those that have gone before us, and to the future of cycling.

Thank you for raising awareness in your community, knitting together your state and country, and joining the world on this one day, on a bike no less. If we can save one life, it’s worth it.

While the time is ripe, send in your ride report.
Here’s the link:

Beside your location (city, state, country), the most important piece of information is the approximate number of riders you had in your ride.

Although there is space for 5 links to photos, news stories, and videos, if you have more, simply enter in what you can, hit “Submit Report” at the bottom, then return to the same page and submit more photo, news story, and video links. Quite simple, really.

But we really need the approximate number of riders.

The date for next year is May 15, 2013, at 7pm. Please mark your calendar now as we’ll be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the ride. (Keep on the look out for shirts and stuff!) You should hear from us no later than December 31 this year, asking to submit your ride for 2013. If you have not, PLEASE contact us so we can get a head start and we put your location on the map. We are looking forward to more cities, towns, states, and countries joining us next year, shooting for 350 locations and 25 countries for the 10th anniversary.

Thank you, again, and please submit your ride report. Well done and congratulations!

Please join us May 15, 2013, 7 PM.
363 Days to go!

Chris Phelan, Founder
The Ride Of Silence
On Twitter: @RideofSilence
Wednesday, May 15, 2013, 7 PM
We all ride. Now we can ride as one.
One day. One time. One world, world wide.
Let the silence roar.

The 2012 Ride Of Silence
314 locations world wide
20 Countries
6 continents
0 words spoken
A million powerful memories.