Ride of Silence



Thank you

(Photo: Tim Green walks a Ghost Bike after the Dallas Ride Of Silence line of 1500 cyclists, May 18.)

The Ride of Silence board would like to thank you for organizing an event this year. We hope you had favorable weather and a good turnout of bicyclists who, along with many bystanders and motorists, were positively impacted by the event.Since the event took place, we've received the following statistics:

Total 2011 Riders To Date: 8,153Number of Locations Reporting in: 90 (out of 322 known locations, or only 28%)

(These numbers were copied from our online report viewing tool which allows anyone to learn about our events).

In case you haven't submitted your event report yet, please take a few minutes to fill out a few fields of this easy to use form to let us know how your event went.

There are detailed instructions on the form which should answer your questions. Note, there are 2 pages to this form. Photos can be uploaded from your computer on the 2nd page. The first page will allow you to submit LINKS to photos, videos, news articles, etc. that are hosted online (must have a "http://...." address to work). Email the RoS webmaster if you have any questions or run into problems.If you know of other events that happened in or near your area, please encourage the organizer to submit the event information using our "Add a Location" form so we know about it. This is important has it helps the ride spread and grow. It also helps gain the attention of the general public and media so that we can make changes for cyclists.

Thank you again. Have a great summer!

Ride of Silence Board

Next ride: May 16, 2012