Ride of Silence



Who is Them in “US vs. Them?”

(2004, Ride Of Silence, year 2 )

As we prepare for our 8th Ride Of Silence, and get as many sites and cyclists lined up for our one special day to show the local community as well as the world the power of a cyclists gathering together in peaceful silence protest, I encounter an excuse why some people don’t feel this is an important event.
Personally, I was hurt, because it came from an accomplished long time cyclist, and a friend I’ve known for over 30 years. But his statement of nonchalance points to the PR problem we as cyclists have. One is cohesion, the other is communication. Both are at least partially a result of the individualistic nature a bicycle attracts and the freedom it provides.
I was shocked by Bob’s comments, though they probably ring true in many cycling communities throughout my state, my country, and the world.
I provide his reasoning so you might be aware of what mind set is out there, and what we’re fighting against. Sadly, it appears to be ourselves…

"While I do know people who have been in car/bike incidents, and in one case, a nearly fatal farm implement/bike collision back in the 80s, to my knowledge, no "cyclist" in my immediate area has been killed in over 30 years.
"There has been the occasional death of a child riding in the dark without lights or intoxicated individual riding home from a local tavern (because they've lost their driving privileges), and while sad, the drivers of the motor vehicles involved bear little responsibility, and these incidents have no association with the local cycling community. So, locally (and personally), there's little impetus for a RoS. In some respects, that's a good thing."

12 days to go.