Ride of Silence



New Stickers

March 24, 2011
Check it out!
We've got Ride Of Silence stickers to put on your bike, helmet, car, computer, guitar,...where ever!
You can see what it looks like to the left. These are small (5 cm), so they'll fit any where, tastefully.
We're doing this in bulk. For 2,000 stickers, it's $160, plus shipping. Pass them out to your club or at the ride, on May 18.
Contact our Ride Of Silence Board member, Ben Valin at: rideofsilence.sg@gmail.com.
Other news:
We are almost 8 weeks out before the ride and already we're hitting 150 locations. It's going to be a good year! Organizers, get on the web site and list your ride. People who WANT to be a host (it's very easy), go to the web site menu on the left side, and list the ride YOU want to do.
So long as the distance is between 8-12 miles (12-20k), you cycle no faster than 12 mph (20kph), start at 7 PM, and ride in silence, you can join us. List it and it's that easy.
Let the silence roar!!