Ride of Silence



Number of RofS Locations Growing

That's right! We're growing!

According to our web master, Tim Potter, we're ahead of last year's pace for locations. Yaaaaaaaaaay!

He wrote on Monday, Mar 28, "As of today we're at 150 locations. A year ago today, 88 locations."

J Steve from Seattle piggy-backed on that with this: "We're 70% ahead of same time last year. Previous calculation had us @ 56% ahead of same time last year. This looks like a notable curve folks. At this rate (total 300+ last year...) having 450 locations (a very conservative 50% growth) is likely, and breaking 600 is possible. 'nuff said.

7 weeks to go!

(Photo of bike lane in Baltimore.)



New Stickers

March 24, 2011
Check it out!
We've got Ride Of Silence stickers to put on your bike, helmet, car, computer, guitar,...where ever!
You can see what it looks like to the left. These are small (5 cm), so they'll fit any where, tastefully.
We're doing this in bulk. For 2,000 stickers, it's $160, plus shipping. Pass them out to your club or at the ride, on May 18.
Contact our Ride Of Silence Board member, Ben Valin at: rideofsilence.sg@gmail.com.
Other news:
We are almost 8 weeks out before the ride and already we're hitting 150 locations. It's going to be a good year! Organizers, get on the web site and list your ride. People who WANT to be a host (it's very easy), go to the web site menu on the left side, and list the ride YOU want to do.
So long as the distance is between 8-12 miles (12-20k), you cycle no faster than 12 mph (20kph), start at 7 PM, and ride in silence, you can join us. List it and it's that easy.
Let the silence roar!!



New 2011 Ride Of Silence Poster

ATTENTION Ride Of Silence site directors and organizers:
The new 2011 RofS poster is in, and on the web site.
I like the look.

Look for it under “Organizer Resources.” Then go half way down the page to ‘Official Poster.”

Please note the accompanying printer directions.
It’s time to paper the streets with The Ride of Silence poster to alert elite and casual riders, and the general public.
“The Ride” is coming!

Please join us May 18, 2011, 7 PM

Chris Phelan, Founder
The Ride Of Silence
Wednesday, May 18, 2011, 7 PM
One day. One time. World Wide.
Let the silence roar.

The 2010 Ride Of Silence:
321 locations world wide
50 U.S. states
26 countries
7 continents
0 words spoken
A million powerful memories.

"I pledge allegiance, to the bicycle, in the United States, and to the righteousness, of every ride. One planet, Many bikes. Indubitable, with liberty and justice for all." - Hawaii Ride Of Silence organizer, Georgette Yaindl



Ahead Of Last Year! Yes!

On Feb 28, our web master Tim Potter wrote:

"Just wanted to let everyone know that we broke 100 events today. Last year we were at 65 confirmed events on this day. We're on a good roll for another record breaking year folks!"

To register your site, go to: http://rideofsilence.org/addlocation.php. You don't have to have all the details ironed out until much closer to the ride date (May 18). You can come back and fill in the particulars at a later date.

You're doing great folks! You make me proud!