Ride of Silence



Ride Of Silence Volunteers Rewarded

(Left to right, RofS Sec. Tim Potter, MLB Ex. Dir. Rich Moeller, RofS Founder Chris Phelan, RofS VP Mark Hagar)
Two people who volunteer gobs of time and energy will be rewarded March 25 in Michigan at the Michigan League Of Bicyclists (MLB) summit meeting. The awards will be presented by MLB Ex. Dir RICH MOELLER (pictured 2nd from the left).
The first of these two special people, MARK HAGAR (pictured on the far right), will be given the Bicycle Educator Of The Year award, “for education efforts on behalf of bicycling at the local, regional, and state level,…for all of his work with The Ride Of Silence.”
As the Vice President of The Ride Of Silence, he created the highest concentration of ride locations anywhere on earth. With over 20 locations in his home state of Michigan last year, Mark made it a mission to not let larger US states forget about the northern “ice box” state.
California and Texas (the home of The Ride Of Silence) only tied with 8. Pennsylvania came in 2nd place with 7 ride sites. (New York and Oregon had 6, while Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, and Georgia all tied with 5 locations each. As of this writing, there were already 29 US states that have locations, and 92 world wide.)
Realizing his talent for growing the ride, Mark has been shifting his focus to help grow it around the rest of the country and the world.
The second person being recognized for his tireless volunteer work and sacrificing his own time as Volunteer Of The Year is TIM POTTER (pictured far left), the Secretary and Web Master for The Ride Of Silence. A quiet thinker, Tim is many times a voice of reason during discussions within board meetings. He also sets up the technology to allow us to talk by phone from our various locations around the world. Currently he works with BEN VALLIN in Singapore to make our web site technology the best it can be without a budget. Tim is active at the state level with the MLB, works with the Ride Of Silence, and attends the national bike summit in Washington to help convince law makers that there are cyclists out here whose lives matter. Tim heads up the bike shop at the Michigan State Univ campus, is married and has three kids.
Both of these people spend many hours on the phone and internet making the roads safer for you and me, while also honoring those who have been killed by motorists.
I personally congratulate each one for their service and this honor bestowed on them.
Thank you Mark and Tim for being part of us! I look forward to rest of our journey.