Ride of Silence



The President's Not Coming

FEBRUARY 19, 2011I received a call yesterday from The Office of The President. President Obama will not be able to join one of our many rides across the US and the world this coming May 18. Yes, I'm slightly disappointed, again. I really want to see him on a bike. What better opportunity than a short and slow ride, maximizing safety?
Last year, there was a chance President Obama and former President Bush would be able to ride along on one of the short and silent rides, until more pressing matters arose for both.
(George W lives not far from The Mother ride that started it all in 2003. Word on the street was he was going to make an appearance. He rides in the area with amazing regularity, having become a local celebrity in the saddle in the most surprising places. He just pops up on the road, on a trail, or in a ride. Next thing you know, "Photo Op!")
I have not yet worked my way into contacting the former President, but should make that a priority coming up. It would be nice to have one of the world's leaders acknowledge what we do on the third Wednesday in May, on the same day, at the same time, all over the world.After all, we've had councilmen, mayors, governors, and congressmen. Why not the President?Maybe this will be the year.