Ride of Silence



I’m Not Going

February 21, 2011
I will not be going to the National Bike Summit to lobby for safer roads, or to enlighten congressmen about The Ride Of Silence, or meet up with other R of S organizers from around the country who will be attending.
After sending out my plea for donations back in the January 3 blog post to attend the National Bike Summit, we received one donation. Fifty dollars was sent by Mike Keel (Bikin’ Mike Keel), and he was alone.
I’ll more than likely contact him and ask to return the donation since it won’t be enough to help us/me out. After all, he has his own financial concerns being a R of S ride organizer, as well as a bike educator and ride director of several of his own rides.

For those going, Tim Potter from Lansing, MI (“as part of my job here at Mich. St. Univ.”), Lois Moss from Portland, OR, and Jody Orlovick of Cleveland, OH, are all attending and would like to meet up with other Ride Of Silence people. Tim is asking “any other organizers going to the Summit to get together while we're there, a mini RoS Organizer Camp.
“National Bike Summit - Ride of Silence Organizer's Gathering:
“If you're planning on attending the National Bike Summit in DC this year, Tim Potter (the Ride of Silence webmaster and board secretary) would like to organize a gathering one of the evenings during the summit. There are at least 3 organizers and one former board member who'll be there that we know of. Please use this Doodle Scheduler to indicate if you'll be there and which evening you'd be able to attend a gathering: http://www.doodle.com/8mevgzcx48dyz49n.”
The hope is that R of S people can meet each other, and maybe meet with a specific Congressman together. There’s strength in numbers.
Also, J. Steve, our Portland, OR organizer said, “I'd like to invite the organizers to the R of S Google group to provide a place to discuss challenges and success stories.” Please take a peak!

And here’s something extra to help spread the word about The Ride Of Silence: a video.
Specifically, it is to let every person, every town, in every country know the we would support them entirely if they want to host a ride in their own town, even though the local governing cycling body doesn’t agree, or is holding you back. WE SUPPORT YOU!
(The video has enclosed captions in case English is NOT your first language.) Thank you for being partners with us.

Keep the rubber side down and stay active!