Ride of Silence



Web Cast Wrap Up

January 15, 2011, 4:58 PM, Arlington, IL

We just wrapped up the Ride of Silence Midwest Organizer Planning Camp here in Arlington Hts., IL, courtesy of Gary Gilbert (Arlington Hts. organizer) and Elizabeth Adamczyk (Chicago organizer). 13 of us (9 organizers, 4 supporters/volunteers) were here in person with 3 phone callers, 9 webcast viewers from Seattle, Iowa, Wisconsin, Texas, Ohio joined in. You can watch approx. 3 hrs. of the meeting via ustream


We had some great discussion. I think this meetg. can serve as a great model for other organizers in other areas of the US or the world to do similar meetgs for fellow organizers in their area to build community and improve our events.

Kudos to Gary and Elizabeth!

Tim Potter, RofS Web Master (pictured)