Ride of Silence



Web Cast: Saturday, Jan 15, 12 EST/1 CST

(The photo is from Steve Magas, the Ohio bke lawyer who wrote the stunning book "Bicycling & The Law" - http://ohiobikelawyer.com/about/. He's doing some great work researching police reported bike crashes: http://ohiobikelawyer.com/bike-law-101/2011/01/how-many-cycling-deaths-in-ohio-in-2010/)

Steve, along with RofS Founder Chris Phelan, will be calling into the web cast for the Midwest planning to coordinate directors, media, and volunteers. Rather than have people working against each other, host GARY GILBERT (Arlington, IL director, pictured below in Jan 8 blog entitled "Fatality Bike Maps") will bring together many of that area's coordinators to work together.

Gary: "I expect attendees from Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Singapore. It should be a great time to share ideas.

"For those who are unable to attend – the plan is to broadcast the event LIVE on the Ustream.tv website. There is a very brief welcome video at http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/11984951 We’re using the free service so there will be advertisements along with the video – we have no influence on the choice or frequency of advertisements so please just be patient.

"If you go to the http://www.ustream.tv/ website and search for GaryRideOfSilence you should be able to see the live feed. If you create a user id and logon the website, you will be able to communicate with us via the chat room. You can ask questions and make comments by typing into the chat room.

"I am going to attempt to record the session also and if we are successful, you will be able to play it back at a later date.
"Creating the webcast is an experiment. We’re amateurs at best."

For those of you attending in person, the location is:
814 E Hackberry Drive
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
We hope this will be a template for future meetings in the other areas of the US, Canada, Australia. We look forward to hearing from you.