Ride of Silence



Today: OVER 50 LOCATIONS. Ahead Of Pace

From the desk of our web master, Tim Potter:
Here's a great milestone for this early in the year. We just got our 50 ride location for 2011.
Last year we had 45 registered by this date, so we're ahead of last year! I'll be updating our graphical map soon."
This should encourage ride directors and people who are considering hosting a ride (it's really quite easy: http://www.rideofsilence.org/howto.php and http://rideofsilence.org/addlocation.php) to go ahead and list the ride on the web site. This will give people (and the media) knowlegde of a ride in the area. And as we all know, the more sites there, the more attention our cause gets.
The date, time, distance, and speed are already set (May 18, 7 PM, 8-12 miles, no more than 12 MPH).
You just have to decide on a location, and list it. It's that easy.