Ride of Silence




(L-R: Chicago organizer Elizabeth Adamczyk, Chris Phelan, League of American Bicyclists Andy Clarke, Arlington-Illinois organizer Gary Gilbert, RofS Board VP Mark Hagar at the Michigan Bike Summit held March 2010.)

J Steve Mayo, our Seattle ride director, has found several maps showing bike fatalities and injuries.

"Results vary depending if you are logged into Google or not, so here is the link to the search:
search for user-created maps (6 results, with 1 of 6 shown)- the one shown for me is a fatality/injury map for Iowa roads by Scott S. (see link below)
Next click See all 6 results for "Ride of Silence" user-created maps- this adds orange mouse-over dots for the 93 business results (above)
Here are the six I was able to dig up, since the results seem to vary:
Ride of Silence - ongoing fatality/injury map for Iowa roads
2007 RoS route map for South Lake Tahoe
2010 RoS map for Chatham-Kent- Ontario, Canada
Ride of Silence (all years + planning) Seattle‎
Ride of Silence 2008‎ - Orlando FL (from a .kmz mapping file)
Westside Ride of Silence 2010‎ - Beaverton(Portland), Oregon
Ride of Silence 2010 - Singapore‎ (proposed)
Ride of Silence - Carpark and East Route and back - 2010 Singapore
Ride of Silence 2010, Singapore‎
Ride of Silence SA‎ - South Africa - Ray's 12 city tour
Zoom around the map to see what you find.