Ride of Silence



(Tim Potter, 1979 Bike Trip. Today he is the web master for The Ride Of Silence.)

February 20, 2009


The Ride Of Silence has expanded beyond anyone’s expectations, riding on the same day at the same time, throughout the world, …FOR FREE! It’s really something amazing and thrilling for each organizer to be part of and proud of.

But, this giant memorial ride that is like no other event in the world takes resources to run, both locally (permits, signage, advertising) and globally (web site, legal costs). It has been with a LOT of consternation the board has decided to offer something that we think its time has come. A bike shirt.

I have been asked many, many times over the years about shirts and the use of the logo (trademarked), and have even seen a R of S shirt illegally produced. It got to the point where either we were going to be on the train or run over by it, and lose “our shirt.’ (Sorry.)

So, at this link: http://heatedink.com/rideofsilence.html, you will see a few items we have gone to great lengths to keep tasteful, yet unique; something you’d feel proud wearing. Let me emphasize, this is official merchandise. Nothing underground, or looted. After all, it’s to help spread the word about sharing the road and remembering our biking brothers and sisters.

Thank you.
Thank you, very much!