Ride of Silence



THE THIRD WEDNESDAY IN MAY, every May, every year

March 23, 2008
People are organizing, sending in their ride information, and getting their location represented on our map.
Just minutes ago, I received this email from Antarctica:

Hello Chris!
You can plan on another Antarctica ride this year. I hope the new gym bike arrives in time. The Lifecycle died and was shipped off station. Palmer now has just one spin bike. At any rate – Palmer will ride on with all ROS!

If that’s not inspiring…

That’s was a good email to get after one stating a location declared they couldn’t ride this year because they didn’t know when it was (!!!?), and now, there was not enough time left.

Heads up:
the ride takes place on the 3rd Wednesday in May each year, meaning you can plot out and plan now for the date come the year 2025.
The first Ride Of Silence was organized in 10 days. From start to finish. Ten. One thousand came. For the second ride, I took more time, about four weeks. About 1500 attended. Most FIRST TIME sites this year will put together a sizable ride in less than that.
With no money to change hands, having a short distance ride as part of a national and world wide campaign shouldn’t be hard to have three people show up at a spot, and ride for eight miles in silence. If you have to “organize” six months out, I feel for you. You have my sympathies.

One day. One time. World wide.
The Ride Of Silence