Ride of Silence



Public Service Announcement video

Feb 22, 2008

I remember being extremely impressed with the YouTube videos of the different Ride of Silence events. I was sincerely touched. But they also depressed me because the orginal and largest of the rides didn’t have a video.

How could that be? With 3,000 cyclists amassed in quiet memorial, the Dallas ride should be up there also, so others could glimpse what it was like at ground zero.

That’s where friend MICHAEL FRIEDOFF came in. He had been filming it over the years but very few had seen his clips. Once contacted, he put this 30 second PSA together to be aired anywhere and everywhere. The link is above and contained here also:


Alas, I still have the same dilemma I started with because it’s still not on YouTube. (I need to learn how to get on it on there before the MAY 21 date of our ride together.)

Please spread this around. It is my hope one day to get the attention of one of the national news organizations so they will help spread the word, as well as the realization of what is happening on the roads. Maybe this PSA will help.

I am continually amazed at how each person adds to this world wide, free event, raising the bar each time. Each person makes a single contribution to this picture we are all painting, and in the end, everyone will benefit. Thank you, one and all.

Stay active.