Ride of Silence



Let the Silence roar

Good morning.

Thanks for being on board with us, The Ride Of Silence, and for being willing to organize a ride or take part in a ride in your community.

Cyclists everywhere, including myself, applaud your effort at being part of this mass demonstration that has exceeded state, national, and cultural boundaries, to raise awareness of cyclists’ legal right to the road and motorists’ legal obligation to share the road.

Nothing like this has ever happened before. No event, short of Christmas, has traveled throughout the globe to take place on a single day, at a single time.

And there is the meat of it, the power of what we do when we take part in the R of S; getting as many people on bikes as possible, at the same time that have the same voice, communicating through peaceful assembly.

With over 200 locations in the US alone, it is becoming harder and harder for the motoring public to ignore us. And that's the point. When news reports show more than the customary 3-4 cyclists the local community is used to seeing on the road and report that there over 300 locations WORLD WIDE going on the same day, it is the hope and faith the our society will sit up and take notice, not only of those riding, but also those either no longer able, or those no longer with us to ride because a motorist-on-cyclist accident.

Nationally, this is akin to our Memorial Day, but without the bar-b-que sales. It's important to us that all the locations ride at the same time to make the above points. Fractured with events at several times during the month, or worse, year, is not in any of our best interests. The event loses its focus, and intent.

Our event is held on the 3rd Wednesday of May. Every calendar has that date. (For 2009, it will be May 20. Mark your calendar now.)

I can appreciate people wanting to simplify their calendar. But,...it's not about convenience. We have this one hour the entire year to show the public our strength in numbers, what we look like when we actually get together, those older, slower, faster, or leaner, with mountain bikes, racing bikes, kid bikes, etc. We have had 3,000 here in Dallas at the Ride Of Silence. That gets news coverage.

And, just in case the powers that be are concerned this is about profits or money, this event is also the largest free volunteer run event without cash flow, no budget. And that’s world wide.

Please understand the importance of being part of something that is going on in New York, Miami, Chicago, St. George, and Los Angeles; and Japan, Australia, Crete, England, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, and Antarctica; as well as Greenville, SC; Fitchburg, Mass; Denton, TX; Golden, CO; and Corvallis, OR. It's one.

One hour, on one day.

Stay active.

Chris Phelan, Founder

The Ride Of Silence

May 21, 2008, 7 PM

World wide

"Let the silence roar."