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2007 Locations listing

Some of you may have noticed that the Ride of Silence™ Locations page has undergone some changes since the 2006 ride. Here's why.

The number of Ride of Silence locations hosting events has grown during the past few years, and because of this and the amount of information the organizers wished to convey in their event listings, the Locations page had grown to be quite large. Recalling that not everyone has the luxury of a high speed internet connection, our webmonkey decided to speed up the loading of the locations by first splitting the Locations page into separate United States and International listings. He also added a bit more intelligence so that a visitor to the page is now able to select just the state or country of interest. No more scrolling around through hundreds of locations' listings just to get to the one you're interested in.

You can still get to the International and United States Locations pages from the left-side navigation bar, but instead being located near the top of the list of links, these have moved down a bit, under their own Locations heading.

We think it's a pretty good solution, and we hope you agree.

You also may have noticed that it has been eight months since the 2006 Ride of Silence, yet we have not yet updated the Locations listings with 2007 events. We know you're eager to learn what locations will be hosting Ride of Silence this coming year, but bear with us a little while longer. We'll be "resetting" the event listing soon after the first of the year.




In an attempt to provide a convenient and effective way for Ride of Silence™ personnel to publish news and updates, we're going to give this blog a try. It is not meant to replace the main Ride of Silence web site, but will serve as a clearing-house for miscellaneous announcements, news articles, and editorial comments from the Ride of Silence board members to you.